Chloe Massengale > Somerset, Kentucky Photographer

Hi friends!!

So I'm really excited to share this shoot with you. It was a collab with two of my very awesome photographer friends, Mikayla Willis and Captures by Croley. If you don't know them, you should :) It's always fun to change it up and shoot with other people because you learn things you may have thought you knew, or learn new things altogether. During this session, I learned to look for new spots at locations rather than the first spots that catch my eye. It really tests your creativity.  Since this shoot, we have LOVED shooting together and have actually completed two more collabs :) Of course they were like last minute kind of things that were thrown together on a whim, but they were still so much fun and turned out pretty cool! 

So, check out this session and let us know what you think in the comments!!! :) 

P.S. special thanks to Chloe and her sister for BRAVING the cold, because it WAS FREEZING.