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Kentucky Senior Photographer / Fourth of July Senior Session at Conley Bottom / Studio 606 VIP Experience

THESE GIRLS, you guys. ARE AMAZING! I am so lucky to have them ALL on my senior team and am so lucky that they hopped on board with my last minute idea of a 4th of July themed shoot. So, these are my current VIP Seniors, and Senior Ambassadors. If you’re interested in becoming one, I can give you more info if you fill out the form here. The deadline to become a VIP senior is July 15th (only a few days away!!!!)

My point with creating the VIP senior experience is so that my seniors can be involved. I know they are so busy with school, extra circulars, jobs…. so I definitely didn’t want this to be a thing that they had to dread or even worry about. I wanted to create a little support family to which they can come to at any point of the year if they need help, need to have fun or just need to escape the stress of senior year. We have 2 additional senior group shoots planned, one is coming up soon and WHOOP WHOOP, my expectations are so high after this shoot! We are a family, and a lot of them are from different schools, have never met and I think they bonded SO well this first shoot and I AM SO STOKED to see where this year takes us all. I love that they are making new friends in this process, because that’s what it’s all about! :)

So, a special thanks to Kaitlyn’s (WCHS Senior Ambassador) aunt for letting us use her beautiful houseboat and boat. It was very nice protection from the monsoon that intruded our sunny day but at about the last 5 minutes of the rain, we all decided we wanted to be brave and shoot in it! I am so happy we did, because they danced in the rain. They loved it. I loved that they were having so much fun despite our unfortunate weather. The sun came back out and we ended with golden hour on a powerful note :)


Mckenzie, we missed you but I can’t wait to have you for the next one!!!!!! :)

Ready to join our VIP team? Fill out the form here and I will send you some info :)