Class of 2017 >> Kentucky Senior Photographer >> Haley E. >> Senior Session

1. What is your name? Haley Nicole Ellison

2. What is your plans after you graduate? Play Volleyball in College

3. What is your dream job? Therapist

4. If you had to pick one celebrity to spend the day with, who would it be and why? Carrie Underwood, she has the best body and I want tips!!! (Okay, PAUSE, Haley, have you seen your body????? ;) ) ok, maybe that was a little bit creepy but haley, you are stinking gorgeous just the way you are! 

5. Do you have any extracurricular activities? I work at the waterpark, I play volleyball for Somerset and club team out of London and I also run track.

6. What is your favorite food? Duh, Mexican! 

7. What is your favorite ice cream? brownie pieces! 

8. Do you have any words of encouragement for other's who want to do a session?  words of encouragement: make sure there isn't tar in train tracks before crossing ;)  or....... taylor linkes is the and she will make you look amazing! (I'm blushing) 


I seriously have no words for Haley's senior session. It was FULL of adventures and chasing light (literally). There are so many stories and life lessons I learned from those few short hours. 

1. know where you are going before you try to go there or else you will go to far and have to hike 498230492802938 miles back.

2. dawn dish soap works amazing for removing railroad tar from your feet. 

3. haley really likes sonic. 


Here are a few (when I say few, I mean 30) photos from her session that are my absolute favorites!!!! 

let us know how you like them in the comments below!!!!!