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Bethelridge, Kentucky Wedding / Jonna + Lucas / Kentucky Wedding Photographer

Jonna reached out to me on Wedding Wire a few months ago inquiring about her wedding for 4/21. She had informed me that the ceremony was going to be at a little historic church in Bethelridge, Kentucky and their reception would be held on their family farm. I was so ecstatic because A. Historic churches are usually so quaint, and cute and are typically white (for some reason, white on buildings photograph sooooo well) and B. I live for intimate weddings and the emotions that fly high during them. There are so many sentimental moments that happen when you intentionally choose to have your wedding day in a place that means the most to you, and in this case, was Jonna's home. 

The day started with her maid of honor, aka cousin, aka the sweetest person I've ever met, Danielle,doing her hair and makeup. Danielle's hair and makeup was absolutely gorgeous so I had no doubt that Jonna would be so stunning, and nevertheless, she was GORGEOUS.  Jonna has that classic beauty, the kind you see in old Hollywood movies... the timeless beauty that never grows old... yeah, that's Jonna. Jonna then was helped into her dress by her maid of honor, and that is when the tears started. Followed by her grandmother and mother, it was sooooo special. The groom (Lucas) happened to arrive a little earlier than expected and we had yet to do Jonna's first look with her father! We managed to keep Lucas and his family tucked away as Jonna went to meet her father and give him a gift. They hugged, and kissed and Jonna grabbed both of her parents hands and led them back into the house. It was time to meet her groom! 

I hopped in the car with Danielle, Jonna, and Maddy (the junior bridesmaid aka flower girl) and we drove down to this secluded little dock down the road that Jonna's family use to own on this gorgeous pond. Her mom was already down on the dock with Lucas as he awaited his bride. Jonna walked down and Lucas turned as he smiled ear to ear. It was beautiful. They hugged and kissed and now it was time for photos! We were running a little behind on time so we went ahead and did their bridal portraits, hopped in the car and it was time for them to get married!!! We raced to the church, and low and behold, all of their guests were standing outside! The church wasn't unlocked yet but Jonna's mom saved the day! It actually worked out perfectly that this happened because by the time we were back at the farm for family portraits, the sun was in the most beautiful spot! The lighting was even gorgeous during their first dance and the dances that Jonna shared with her Father, grandmother and mother. Lucas danced with his momma too, and I think I was choking back tears. HAHAHA. It was so sweet! They cut the cake, threw the bouquet, and at the end of the night, everyone lined up the driveway with sparklers and they walked hand in hand, down the middle. After that, we attempted to light paper lanterns but the wind was too strong. They did get one up in the air and finished their magical day flying high into the night sky :) 

I also have to note that you know I am lucky when I get couples who literally DANCE down the aisle. That was soooooooo fun and I love that they added that bit of their personalities into their ceremony. These two were made for each other and I am so excited for them as they begin their marriage journey, thank you guys so so much for having me as your wedding photographer  <3