Kentucky Senior Photographer / Madison H. / Class of 2019

Madison is a total SWEETHEART. About a week before her session I went location scouting to find some places that went with what Madison had in mind for her vibe. I sent her two spots the first day and a million other spots the next. We ended up picking the first two spots I sent... which I was excited because they were new to me and totally worth the adventure. We also went to Short Creek, and to my surprise, Madison had never even been there! I’m happy the water was that emerald color when we went because it seems like every time I go there for photos, it’s muddy. We found this little enchanted spot, there was ivy growing up the side of the cave, and butterflies EVERYWHERE! It was soooo pretty.... I kind of felt bad making Madison stand over there because she is scared of butterflies.. or any kind of bug. I can't imagine someone making me stand close to a snake :| sorry Madison!!!! 

The last spot we went to, was this beautiful piece of land where nothing except wildlife and nature lives. The sun was tucked behind the clouds, but the lighting was still amazing.... UNTIL.... we heard a growl, that may have been a far off car, but we got out there QUICK. hahahah! 

Thank you so much for allowing me to be your senior photographer Madison! 

I hope senior year is amazing, and I hope you love this preview of your senior session!