Marlie + Stetson >> Monticello, Kentucky Photographer

When I envisioned this session, I never imagined snow. However, when we got to the top of the mountain (hill, cliff... whatever you want to call it) I was amazed. The snow had melted everywhere else but it was still here. Like a fresh blanket. There were even little snowflakes falling. It was like 9 degrees and Marlie + Stetson didn't complain once. Matter of fact, I was probably getting on their nerves complaining about how cold it was.... haha! This is the second time I have shot the two of them and each and every time, is magic.... because, well, Marlie is that kind of beautiful that you would die for, and her and Stetson together is like home. They are perfect. They fit perfectly. It's the kind of perfectness that everyone is jealous of. 

enjoy some of my favorites from their session below <3