Richmond, Kentucky Fashion Photography >> Amy Angelle

I have worked with Amy so many times I have lost count and I've ALWAYS blogged our sessions together. HOWEVER, since I was an epic failure and deleted my blog, I knew instantly that I wanted to get her back on here! This shoot was planned 0%. We woke up one day, and decided that we were going to shoot. We put together outfits, hair and makeup on a whim and it turned out so perfectly! It was also like the warmest day (a whopping 36 degrees) we had in so long after enduring temperatures in the teens! Amy has so much talent and I wish that everyone could work with her at least once in their lives because not only is she an amazingly talented model, she is SUCH A COOL and unordinary person. I love her to death and I cannot wait to see what we create together in the future <3 


On a different note, I can't even describe my passion for editorial photography. I want to get to a point where the only projects I take are fashion, weddings, and my seniors. <3 I love all of the other stuff too, it's just not where I feel my heart wants to lay forever. I am inspired majorly by new places and clothing. I love how clothing can really transform the mood of ANYTHING you are shooting. Essentially, the outfits you choose to wear to your photoshoot, can ultimately control the whole thing- whether it is good or bad. If you are doing a session with me, and you would like help styling it so that it will be AMAZEBALLS, I am here to help! It's one of my favorite parts, all you have to do is ask! :) 

I would also LOVE to start working with some fashion bloggers in the area. If you are interested, send me your link and let's get collabin' :)