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Couple Session at The University of Kentucky Arboretum / Destiny + Justice / Kentucky Wedding Photographer

I photographed Justice + Destiny back when I first began in the photography world in 2013. Looking back on those photos, they were ROUGH hahahah as everyones first photos are. They were so in love back then, and now, 5 years (5!!!!!) later they are even more in love than they were then. I am so happy they trusted me to do their photos again as those looking back were a HOT MESS HAHAHAHA. I guess it helped a little when Destiny chose me to do her senior photos back in 2016. I'm so thankful for these two as they truly have followed me on this crazy journey of life and growth. 

It's always a fun session when the couple in front of you vibe so well. I remember pointing out a crazy looking cloud and Destiny goes, "That looks like a..." and they both blurted the word "Ship!". I know of at least two other times they finished each other sentences in the hour I had with them.  

I was super excited when Destiny asked if we could go to the arboretum for their session. It's seriously one of my favorite places in the WORLD and it provides the perfect kind of romantic feels, any time of day. 

I hope you enjoy my personal favorites from their couple session and maybe you will get a little sense of who they are together <3