Meet Your photographer


My name is Taylor and I am 22  years old. I started Linkes Photography back in 2014 during my year in the Young Entrepreneurs Academy as a senior in high school. Since then my business has turned from something on the side, to my passion, life and career. 

I truly believe that when you see an image, you should not only see it, but feel the emotions that lie within it. I'm inspired by new places, romance and pretty light. I'm so passionate about intentional living and people who appreciate the little things in life.

I have a cat (Hamlet), dog (Winnie) and a pig, named Monday. If you follow my instagram, you have probably already met them. I love Taylor Swift, tea in the mornings, birthday cake scented candles, sunsets, pretty much anything pink, and hand written letters. I have basically no sense of humor, but people always laugh at my lame jokes so maybe I am a little funny. 

I hope I get to meet you, but until then enjoy viewing my work of the people who make this life possible for me.  I am full of gratitude for everyone I have met, places I have been and relationships we have built together. 

-Taylor Linkes